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Special Announcement


Starting this 2023 physical season, Associates in Pediatrics will begin to charge a $10.00 fee for any shot records or physical forms.

At your child’s physical, upon request, you will be given a free copy of your child’s physical form or shots but any copies after that appointment will carry a $10.00 fee that is due upon request or at pick up of the form. This fee is the patient’s responsibility and NOT billable to the insurance.

We will still require up to five business days for any form requests.

FMLA FORMS will require an office visit with our nurse practitioner, at this visit we ask that the parents come in without the child and have the parent portion filled out completely.


Vaccine Policy 

Thank you for choosing Associates in Pediatrics as your trusted medical provider. We believe there is nothing more important than keeping your children happy, healthy, and safe. As Pediatricians, we focus on preventative medicine as a means to protect children from adverse outcomes due to illness or injury. An important and critical tool for physicians in practicing preventative medicine is the ability to administer vaccines. Life-saving immunizations have historically protected infants, children, and adolescents from highly contagious and deadly infections. As Pediatric healthcare providers, it is our responsibility to ensure the safest environment for all of our patients. Therefore, Associates in Pediatrics has decided to adhere to a stricter vaccination policy for all patients.

We believe in the science-based evidence that vaccines are safe and effective. We follow guidelines put forth by the CDC, ACIP, and AAP so that all recommendations are taken into consideration for appropriate vaccine schedules. Going forward, AIP will no longer allow for vaccine refusal and encourage all parents to vaccinate their children. While we recognize that the decision to vaccinate is a personal one, we firmly believe that this is in the best interest of our patients and our community. What does this mean for our patients? Associates in Pediatrics will require all children in our practice to be up to date with vaccines by 2 years of age. If a child is older, they will be expected to start the process of catching up on all required vaccines for their age group.

While it is strongly encouraged to follow our current vaccine schedule in accordance with the CDC and AAP guidelines, parents will have some flexibility in choosing an alternate schedule, if they decide to do so. Please note: The following vaccines are not required: HPV, Hepatitis A, Covid and Flu.

We will no longer be accepting new patients who choose not to vaccinate their children. Thank you for your understanding in this matter. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.


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