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Sick Child Visits

Addressing Your Concerns For Your Peace Of Mind

Whether it's a runny nose or something more serious, give Associates in Pediatrics, SC a call. Our on-call advice nurse can hear your concerns and let you know whether you need to bring your little one in to see us.

Where should I take my child?

It is always better to bring your sick child to see his or her regular pediatrician or one of his / her partners, because we are trained specifically in the care of little ones. Taking your child into an urgent care facility is fine if it is the last available option, but we much prefer your child to be seen by a doctor who has your child's medical history on file and who is used to seeing young patients.

Call your child's doctor immediately if:

  • Your child is under two months old with a fever greater than 100.4° F
  • Your child is over two months with a fever that causes them to act sluggish and lasts longer than two days 
  • Your child is older and has a fever of 104° F or higher
  • Your child complains of concentrated abdominal pain
  • You are worried about anything regarding your child's health

We Are Committed to Quality Care For Your Little One

Our Chicago pediatrics office numbers are: Elgin East - (847) 742-6888, Streamwood - (630) 830-1930, and Elgin West - (847) 760-4900. Call Associates in Pediatrics, SC right away to talk to a caring medical professional.